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Do you like sports that require sensitive fingers and a sure hit?

Does golf attract you, but you still have not found the time to really get into it? In that case, we have a pleasant alternative for you in the Kouty Centre – DISCGOLF.


One game takes about 90 minutes. 
The rental price of the set is 150 CZK/person

player’s card

All you need is a Frisbee Set, which we can rent to you and the rental staff will familiarize you with the rules.
A playground with metallic baskets awaits you on the mild slope near the lower station of the ski-tow of the “Ke Snowparku” ski slope above the Kouty Forest. The game rules are similar to golf rules – only that instead of balls, you use Frisbee disks and baskets instead of holes. The player makes an effort to throw the disc into the basket – the lower the number of throws, the better. The effects on the body are also similar to the effects of golf – it strengthens creativity, condition and concentration, while the outside activity reduces stress.

The Kouty playground has 9 holes with a total  par of 29. It is intended for beginners and advanced players alike.

One game takes about 90 minutes. 
The rental price of the set is 150 CZK/person

1. The player throws from the designated  throwing spot and during the throw none of the body parts must touch the ground beyond the front edge of the throwing spot. You can change feet only after the throw.

2. The player then throws from the  point where the disc stopped. During the throw, at least one part of the body must be 30 cm behind the front edge of the disc in the direction from the target. After the throw, it is possible to change feet only if the target is not closer than 10 metres.

3. If the player cannot fulfil the preceding point (the disc is trapped on a tree or in a thick shrub), he/she throws from the  nearest possible point on the line between the target and the disc that is farther from the target.

4. If the disc got stuck on a tree, the player throws from the spot under the  disc, and if the disc is higher than 2 metres, one penalty throw must be made.

5. The player must not change any part of the playground in order to make the throw easier (for instance, bend or even break branches).

6. The player who is farthest from the target is always the one throwing.

7. Safety first – always ensure that no person or animal that you could potentially hit is  within reach of the disc!