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Educational tour route and Lookout tower

enjoy the surrounding natural beauty

Ideal for those who love Nordic walking and hiking in general


A lookout tower at the upper station of the chair lift at an elevation of 1,100 m above sea level, with a height 20 m.
Views of Šumperk, Desná Valley, Kralický Sněžník Massif, Crest of the High Jeseníky from Šerák to Červenohorské sedlo.


The Kouty Ski Centre in collaboration with Lesy ČR, CHKO Jeseníky and the Ministry of the Environment built a new educational tour route called Rysí skála. The route project that was also supported by a grant from the Ministry of the Environment is based on the story of a lost Lynx with its cubs  which found shelter on the peak of Medvědí hora (1,163 m above sea level).  In this area,  a unique sheltered lookout will be built on Rysí skála, which will be easily accessible from the upper chair lift station in Kouty. The story, which also features  the forest dwarves, fairytale creatures and the ruler of the mountains Praděd, will be presented in comic format on the boards at each stop with additional information about the  surrounding nature.

The educational tour route  also features the wooden sculptures of animals and forest beings, Praděd’s hut,  the Lynx’s lair and mainly the interactive elements of the climbing frames and games for children. The route will loosely connect to the   wooden Koutecký les outdoor museum.

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The  Medvědí hora area in  the Jeseníky mountain, course length 2 km, elevation 1, 080 – 1,163 m above sea level, accessibility from the upper chair lift station in  Kouty nad Desnou.

Educational tour route Rysí skála

Main stops

– the Kouty náměstí premises: Lynx with chute, story board , cable slip through Desná
– glade in the  forest on Medvědí hora: Praděd’s hut, wooden sculptures of Praděd, animals and dwarfs

Interactive elements

– lookout on Rysí skála: two shelters, Lynx lair with cubs , interactive elements, educational boards, games for children
– bar u Medvěda, upper station of the Kouty cable way: sculptures of the bear with cubs , refreshments

This project was made possible thanks to the support of the Revolving Fund of the Ministry of the Environment:

Map and description for download:


Nordic Walking is a versatile physical activity

intended for the broadest and non-athletic public as an effective method for improvement of physical fitness. The Kouty Ski Centre is a new tourist destination in this respect and offers several route levels for those who love walking with sticks. We offer comfort – problem-free and free parking, new gastro establishments with a gallery of historical photographs, two bowling alleys and pleasant seating on an outdoor terrace.

you can use the six-person chair lift to reach an elevation of 1,200 m above sea leave, go on foot or use the shuttle bus to the Dlouhé Stráně Upper Reservoir  with fantastic views of the High Jeseníky and connections to several tourist trails. Walk through the heart of the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area.