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Scooter downhill run 17 km

Unique opportunity to enjoy the longest downhill ride on scooters in the Czech Republic.

Are you planning to visit the Dlouhé Stráně pumped storage power station and don’t want to return by the same route? You can make use of our scooter rental to do just that. Scooters can be rented from the  Helia Sport Shop on Koutecké náměstí or directly at the Dlouhé stráně Upper Reservoir. The course offers unique sports and landscape experiences and with its length  of more than 17 km, it runs from the DS Upper Reservoir around the lower reservoir and continues to the Kouty Ski Centre.On the course, you can enjoy a view of the highest peak of the Jeseníky mountains and the highest point of the Czech Republic (the tip of the Praděd Transmitter), see the cliffs that are the pride of the Jeseníky peaks (Vozka, Keprník, Petrovy kameny), technical points of interest in this area and other interesting things offered by the landscape.

Trail – 17 km:   section marked in purple, see the  map

Rentals from  the Helia Sport Shop:

From the  Helia Sport Shop on Koutecké náměstí – you can rent a scooter, with the option to include a helmet. Buy a ticket to the chair lift, which will transport you to Medvědí hora 1,100 m above sea level.  You can then run on a scooter  through a 4.5 km long course that brings you directly to the upper reservoir of DS. On the course, you can also branch off directly to the lower reservoir and thus avoid the final climb. You can then look forward to a beautiful sports experience – a 17 km downhill scooter track that takes about 30 minutes and brings you back  to  Koutecké náměstí.

Rental at the Dlouhé Stráně Upper Pumped Storage Station:

You can rent a scooter at the Dlouhé Stráně Upper Pumped Storage Station. After that, all that’s left is to take off and enjoy the unique experience.

But exercise maximum caution when running downwards  – there is a real risk of collision with  tourists,  buses and other vehicles,  you are not alone on the road!!!   Read the  operating rules of the chair lift – the Kouty bike park rules. First try riding at low  speeds and follow the instructions of the Kouty training staff (as to the ideal position, how to brake, etc.). Use of the rented sports equipment is at your own risk.



During unfavourable weather, we only provide scooter rental in the Helia Sport Shop and not at the Dlouhé Stráně Upper Reservoir.  Details are available at the Helia Sport Shop, tel: 583 213 145.