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Price list


Druh skipasuActiveClub Dospělá osoba od 18 letDospělá osoba od 18-ti letActiveClub od 18-ti let Senior nad 63 let, Student do 26 let a ZTP nad 18 letDěti 7-17 let, Studenti do 26 let, Senioři nad 63 let a ZTPDěti do 6 letMožnost zakoupení online
Libovolné 4 hodiny (8:50 – 16:00)-790 Kč670 Kč120 Kč
Odpolední od 13:30 (13:30 – 16:00)430 Kč350 Kč120 Kč
Večerní (18:00 – 21:00)340 Kč280 Kč120 Kč
1 den Rodičovský přenosný (8:50 – 16:00)1 070 Kč
1 denní (8:50 – 16:00)770 Kč850 Kč650 Kč720 Kč120 KčKOUPIT ONLINE
2 denní (8:50 – 16:00)1 440 Kč1 600 Kč1 240 Kč1 380 Kč250 Kč
3 denní (8:50 – 16:00)2 160 Kč2 400 Kč1 730 Kč1 920 Kč360 Kč
4 denní (8:50 – 16:00)2 700 Kč3 000 Kč2 160 Kč2 400 Kč490 Kč
5 denní (8:50 – 16:00)3 240 Kč3 600 Kč2 590 Kč2 880 Kč600 Kč
6 denní (8:50 – 16:00)3 600 Kč4 000 Kč2 920 Kč3 240 Kč720 Kč
5 ze 7 dnů (8:50 – 16:00)3 240 Kč3 600 Kč2 590 Kč2 880 Kč600 Kč
7 denní (8:50 – 16:00)3 870 Kč4 300 Kč3 130 Kč3 480 Kč850 Kč
Sezónní skipas (8:50 – 16:00)7 000 Kč5 600 Kč1 200 Kč
Běžkařský skipas 3x tam/ zpět (8:50 – 16:00)600 Kč600 Kč
1x tam/ zpět (8:50 – 16:00)390 Kč350 Kč120 Kč
Skialpový vstup (8:50 - 16:00)-100 Kč-100 Kč-

(discount on the ski pass)

With the Active Club card you get a 10% cheaper ski pass on the 1 to 7-day tariff. The discounts are not added up.
The current holders of the Helia Sport Card (with bar code) can re-register at the booking offices and the Active Club Chip Card shall be issued to them.
A one-time fee of 50 CZK is charged for the issue of the Active Club Chip Card and the card cannot be returned after purchase.
Only persons aged 18 and above are eligible to join the ActiveClub!!! ActiveClub registration of new members is no longer possible!!!
The current ActiveClub members get a discount on the ski pass automatically upon presentation of the ActiveClub Card (chip card with name). The card must be physical and the tariff is loaded directly on the card.




ALL SKI PASSES are non-transferable and  carry photographs upon first passage through the turnstile. In case of abuse of the ski pass, handover or sale to another person, the ski pass shall be confiscated and the Police shall be called. 

When purchasing a ski pass, please keep in mind that customers are required to provide a refundable deposit of 100 CZK/card.
The ski pass is returned to the booking office; when the booking offices are closed it is possible to return the card to the Helia Sport Shop (only in the Kouty Ski Centre) or in the Lyžárna Restaurant.
Check the ski passes and refunded cash immediately at the booking offices. Later complaints will not be taken into consideration.
When submitting a complaint, it is necessary to also provide a receipt; otherwise the complaint shall not be recognised.

Explanations for the ski passes:

  • Children aged 0 to 6 (year of birth 2013 and later) = handling fee 100 CZK/day
  • A deposit of 100 CZK is paid for the chip card – ski pass.
  • The prices are shown in CZK including VAT.
  • The children’s and senior tariff applies upon presentation of the NRC, passport, insurance card showing the date of birth.
  • Upon purchase of student ski passes, persons aged up to 26 must prove eligibility (ISIC, EURO, GO).
  • Only persons aged 18 and above may be holders of Helia Sport / ActiveClub cards. The ActiveClub Card fee is 50 CZK and the card cannot be returned (applies upon re-registration of the Helia card).
  • Parental transferable ski pass – can be used by two adults (one skis in the morning and the other skis in the afternoon), and it is necessary that both parents be present at the booking office when making the purchase; their joint photograph shall be added to the card
  • Cross-country ski pass 3x there/back – ski pass for cross-country skiers, 3x fare there/back for an arbitrary day in the season. Only valid for the chair lift and only in the winter season of 2018/2019
  • Taking a photo is required for the purchase of the following: Czech Ski Pass, seasonal ski pass or 1-day PARENTAL tariff.