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Chair lift

first six person chair lift in the Czech Republic

Quick and comfortable transport is ensured by the six-person Doppelmayr chair lift with detachable fixtures  and entrance belt  with a capacity of  3,200 persons/hour.

The length of the chair lift is 2,000 m, the lower station is at an elevation of 588 m above sea level and runs to the top  of the Medvědí ski slope at an elevation of 1095 m above sea level.


Option to use a shuttle bus from the chair lift to the Dlouhé stráně Upper Reservoir.

Location of drives: upper station
Tensioning system: hydraulic at the lower station
Transport capacity: 3,200 persons/hour
Number of seats: 120
Diagonal length: 1,933 m

Lower station: 610 m above sea level
Upper station: 1,095 m above sea level
Super elevation: 485 m
Travel time: 6 min 48 sec
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr Austria