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Ski and snowboard service

Professional  ski and snowboard service.

Ski and snowboard service is  provided through a top-class  MONTANA CHALLENGE machine. This is a new machine of the latest generation, which provides service for recreational as well as advanced skiers and snowboarders,

but also service for competitions at the world cup level.


email: skiarealkouty@heliasport.cz
Telephone Number: +420 583 213 145

The Challenge machine:

wide grinding stone

diverse final structures – linear, combined, variable, suitable also for the running ski structure

angling of side edges, tuning of the bottom edge – precise angling of the edge
(a condition for perfect carving arch  and, consecutively, for making the most of one’s skiing experience)

capacity of up to 25 pairs per hour.

maximally sparing as compared with grinding on hand-operated machines – offtake of 0.01 mm

Regular service is a pre-requisite for a long life of equipment.