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Ski school and children’s park

children’s park and ski school for the youngest

The premises include a children’s park for the youngest visitors. Here, we have prepared a children’s nursery with figurines, noodles, balloons, children’s passport, ski tow, slalom poles
and colour aids.  
Everything is lucid, colourful, prepared only for the youngest visitors to our premises and our skiing and snowboarding school, the Helia Ski School.


The children’s ski school is safely fenced and separated from the surroundings in order to avoid the risk of collision with another skier or snowboarder. Near the café bar and restaurant. When not skiing, the parents can watch
their children learn from a sunny terrace, located near the restaurant and all the centre facilities. In the case of children, individual training in a playful way with aids is preferred due to its expediency, simplicity,
safety and effectiveness. Group learning is high-quality, fun and highly motivating for the group. Make use of this service and order training in the ski school along with equipment from the local rental and test centre of the Nordica, Elan, Blizzard and Nitro brands.

The variegated selection of slopes also offers a variety of learning options. When making an advance group training booking, take advantage of the discounted prices and bundles.

The duration of one lesson is 50 minutes.
1 day = four lessons – two lessons in the morning, two lessons in the afternoon
The group lessons usually take place from  10:00 to 11:45 and from  14:00  to 15:45.
It is possible to also adjust the starting time during the main season; contact the Ski School office for information.

Our mascot Koutik


Private lessons regardless of age

1 hour 600 CZK/person
5 hours and above 550 CZK/person
1 hour 450 CZK/2 – 3 persons

Entrance fee to the children’s park: 
100 CZK

Group lessons 4 – 6 persons

1 hour 350 CZK/person


Lessons in the children’s park for children aged up to 12 – group

1 hour 300 CZK/person