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bike park

Adrenaline for beginners and professionals

One of the most frequented bike parks in the country


Business hours:

Validity of the schedule for the chair-lift, operation at weekends and during holidays excluding daily operations:
18.-22.4., 27.-28.4., 1.5., 3.-5.5., 8.5., 11.-12.5., 17.-19.5., 25.-26.5., 5.-6.10., 12.-13.10., 19.-20.10., 26.-30.10. 2019

Daily operation of the chair-lift for the public:
1.6. – 29.9. 2019

Daily schedule for weekends, holidays, public holidays: 09:00, 09:30, 10:00 – 12:00, 12:30 – 17:00

Daily schedule for Mon – Fri /excluding weekends, holidays, public holidays/: 09:00, 09:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00

The Bike park may be closed during unfavourable weather. Get the latest news or other information by phone at 602 322 244.

Option to  transport bikes by a modern six-person chair lift in the Kouty Ski Centre – the fastest chair lift in the Czech  Republic. Many benefits for ActiveClub members,  more  at…

The upper station of the  Medvědí hora chair lift lies at an elevation of 1,100 m above sea level. All the routes start here  and connect to the  cycling routes leading to the Dlouhé Stráně Upper Reservoir.

The lower station of the Liščí potok chair lift station is 600 m above sea level. It is necessary to move the  bike here  from the booking office that is  about 300 m distant.

You can buy the tickets to the bike park and the chair lift from the booking offices on Koutecké náměstí (Square).

On what?
In the Helia Sport Shop directly on Koutecké náměstí (Square), we rent mountain and full suspension bikes of the Specialized and Kano brands including accessories.

How to choose the route:
The routes are marked according to their difficulty just like ski slopes: blue – light, red – medium, black – difficult.

The names of the trails with the descriptions and lengths are always shown on the easy-to-read maps at the starting point (Medvědí hora chair lift) and the destination (Liščí potok chair lift)

The Helia sport staff will also be happy to provide you with all the information about the difficulty of the routes etc.

Description of the routes:
The easiest routes for road and trekking bikes connect to the network of cycling routes in the vicinity of Mravenečník and/or the Dlouhé Stráně Upper Reservoir (15 km circuit).

Here, you also find a 2.5 km in-line skating circuit at an elevation of 1,350 m with beautiful views of the entire Jeseníky mountains.

The mountain bike routes start at the Medvědí hora chair lift.

Coal-mining routes

easier route – blue, 5 km, intended for advanced mountain bike riders, the interesting thing is that it partially runs along the original coal road, with clear signs of terraces on which charcoal used to be burned – it starts under the upper station of the “Medvědí Hora” chair lift track, where it meanders along the full width of the “U vrtulí” ski slope, at the end which it turns left into the forest at the crossing point, crosses the lift track and the “Hřebenovka” ski slope (here it is necessary to stop and look around!!!), continues downhill on the old coal track, and at the end of this track it connects to the forest path that runs for 2.5 km on even ground up to the point known as “U obrázku” (due to this section, the route is not ideal for downhill bikes) and continues from the slope along the forest path, then turns to the right before the transmitter into the deciduous forest, where it continues through a pleasant course made of banked turns and terrain waves, and beyond the forest path it runs unto the “U snowparku” ski slope to the lower station of the “Liščí potok” cable way

Stará medvědice

The forest freeride course – red 3 km, terrain waves, roots, banked turns, natural jumps – is intended for experienced riders on full suspension bikes. It starts on the right side of the upper station of the “Medvědí Hora” cable way (below the “U medvěda” Bar) runs through the forest along the “U vrtulí” and “Medvědí” ski slopes copying their bank, with two even sections in the upper and medium section of the course of approximate length 80 m; the rest of the course then runs down the slope (at points at a steep angle), in the lower section the course traverses the “Medvědí” ski slope and continues downhill along the stream and exits at the lower station of the “Liščí potok” chair lift track


elements of 4Xfreeride – red 3.5 km – for more experienced riders on full suspension bikes. This route directly below the upper station of the “Medvědí hora” chair lift station and runs under the chair lift in the medium section (jumps on raised ground, banked turns, flat benches) and connects in the middle section to the “Hřebenovka” ski slope (clay banked turns, benches) from where it continues along the forest path (freeride, jumps), onwards through the forest (freeride) and in the lower section it runs along the “U snowparku” ski slope to the chair lift station of the ski slope “Liščí potok”.

Koutíkův sen

DH – black 2.5 km, overall elevation 500 m – the most difficult track for experienced riders on full suspension bikes. IT starts on the right side and about 100 m under the upper station of the “Medvědí hora” chair lift and at the upper station of the “U vrtulí” tow, where it runs to the right along the tow and partially along the edge of the forest (benches, jumps with a counter-edge, banked turns, roots) up to the end of the “U vrtulí” ski slope, where it turns mildly to the right into the sparse spruce forest toward the chair lift, and continues through a short section under the chair lift, turns to the left into the spruce forest, where it continues via a steep downhill run (rocks, roots) and exits on the forest track and crosses the chair lift (here, it is necessary to slow down and look around!!!) and continues to wind through the beech forest to the right of the chair lift and exits at the final destination of the “Medvědí” ski slope toward the chair lift station of the “Liščí potok” ski slope
This was the track used for the Moravian/Slovakia DH Cup, one of the speed tests of the Enduro Race, Championship of the Czech Republic in DHI  and the Czech DHI Cup.