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Operating rules

Entrance to the KOUTY SKI CENTRE (i.e., land owned or leased or otherwise used by K-3 SPORT s.r.o.) is at the visitor’s own risk.

K-3 SPORT s.r.o., is not liable for damage to the property and health of visitors to the ski centre if such are caused by behaviour that violates the applicable legislation and operating rules of K-3 SPORT s.r.o. Authorised persons may check observance of the operating rules of the KOUTY SKI CENTRE. An authorised person refers to any employee who is wearing the uniform of K-3 SPORT s.r.o.(always marked with the name of the company), or a worker who introduces himself and states his function in K-3 SPORT s.r.o.

By purchasing a ticket, the participants undertake to respect the stated contractual terms and conditions as stipulated in the operating rules of K-3 SPORT s.r.o., at the KOUTY SKI CENTRE.

Each participant in the transport system shall upon purchase of a ticket check the correctness of all data and keep the ticket purchase receipt. Later complaints will not be taken into consideration.A later claim may be submitted only upon presentation of the ticket purchase receipt. The ticket (ski pass) is valid only if presented together with a valid receipt for the purchased ticket.

The participants main obligations are:

  • to have a valid ticket with him/her along with a ticket purchase receipt and to present these to the operator’s authorised representative upon request
  • before getting on the transport equipment, he/she must go through the turnstile which checks and records the ticket
  • to follow the instructions of the operator’s representative and instructions on the transport equipment


A valid travel document is:

  • a ticket for the individual journeys using the transport equipment
  • a time ticket, which allows  multiple journeys in all transport facilities of K-3 SPORT s.r.o. in the designated scope for as long as it is valid.
  • a points ticket that allows multiple journeys according to the  number of points on the ticket and type of selected transport device

Sale of afternoon time tickets starts at the earliest 15 minutes before the designated validity. Compensation for a ticket or its part is provided in case of  failure of more than two devices operated by K-3 SPORT s.r.o., with a duration of more than two hours. The compensation is provided in the form of a new ticket which matches the ticket purchased on the date of failure of the  transport equipment.

Group discounts apply to organised groups, which present a valid list.

The authorised person has the right to cancel the ticket without reimbursement of the nominal price particularly in the following  cases:

  • the ticket is intentionally damaged
  • the ticket is used by an unauthorised person
  • the ticket is invalid in some other way
  • In the event of a  gross violation of the operating rules of the transport facilities or the downhill ski course

It is prohibited to smoke on the transport devices and near  them. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances  or who endanger or illegally restrict other visitors on the premises shall be excluded from transport. The authorised person has the right to  enforce such exclusion from transport.

Daily access to the chair-lift and other transport equipment for the public:

CHAIR-LIFT DLOUHÉ STRÁNĚ                    08:30 – 16:00
SKI LIFT LV 6 U SNOWPARKU           08:15 – 16:00
SKI LIFT LV 5 U VRTULÍ                     08:30 – 16:00

Visitors who use the chair-lift must respect the contractual  carriage and tariff conditions of the chair-lift, which is available outside the  booking office. Upon failure to observe the contractual and tariff conditions of the cable way, action shall be taken against such a person according to Czech law.Visitors to the premises are obligated to follow the instructions of the operator of the transport equipment and exercise due caution particularly when getting on and off.

Transport of children aged up to 6 on the cables ways is only possible in the company of a person aged   above 10.

Proper marked pupils of the KOUTY Ski School have priority access to the dedicated transport equipment.

The ski slopes are in operation during the  operating hours of the  cable way and other transport equipment. Up-to-date information about the operation of the ski slopes, cable way and tows is shown on an electronic map at the sites of the  booking offices.

Evening skiing is allowed everyday on ski slope number 4.  K SNOWPARKU  from 18:00 to 21:00.

Skiers and snowboarders use maintained ski slopes at their own risk. Participants shall observe the own safety as well as the safety of other visitors to the Ski Centre.

Tourists on foot and sledders are not permitted to enter the ski slopes.

Failure to observe the following conditions of behaviour on the ski slopes may be a reason for  exclusion from the  ski slopes:

  • every visitor is obligated at all times to adapt the choice of course and speed to their own capabilities, difficulty and condition of the course, weather and visibility conditions
  • Overtaking on the ski slope is permitted on both sides , and the overtaking person always guarantees safety
  • it is prohibited to stop in confusing and frequented sections of the ski slopes
  • without the permission of the management of K-3 SPORT s.r.o., it is prohibited to erect any obstacles or structures on the ski slopes (for instance, slalom, snow bridges, etc.)
  • every person on the ski slopes and transport systems (i.e., every participant) is obligated to provide first-aid to injured persons and report any accident to the staff of K-3 SPORT s.r.o. or the MOUNTAIN RESCUE SERVICE.
  • every participant is obligated to obey these rules and instructions of the authorised representatives of K-3 SPORT s.r.o. and MOUNTAIN RESCUE SERVICE staff. In case of violation of these rules and instructions of the authorised persons, the visitor may be excluded from transport  on the transport systems and is fully liable for all ensuing damage that the operator of the sports facility and third parties may suffer.

Maintenance of the ski slope surfaces is carried out mainly after closure of the transport systems. For this reason,  the ski slopes are closed after shut-down of operations at  16:30 and there is a strict ban on entering the ski slope after closure for  reason of maintenance of the ski slope surfaces, which may lead to injury.

With regard to the  snow and weather conditions, during the operating hours of the transport systems:

  • ski slopes maintenance may be carried out  by snow vehicles. In this case, these are  marked with a warning light
  • technical snow may be created  on the ski slopes. The snow-making equipment is  marked at an adequate distance or demarcated by a fence or net. During operation of the snow cannons, the participant must adjust his/her speed on the ski slope to allow safe passage through the snow-blasted area without endangering other skiers in the process. It is prohibited to interfere with the snow cannons.

The management of K-3 SPORT s.r.o. reserves the right as per prior agreement to allow the training and competitions of skiers and snowboarders on any of the downhill routes of the   KOUTY SKI CENTRE. Visitors shall be notified of this situation at the centre’s booking office. They shall be acquainted with the  training or race time and the affected ski slope and/or part thereof that is reserved for  the given event. The designated ski slope or part thereof shall be clearly marked and closed by the organisers of the training or race.

During ski lessons, the pedagogical worker is mainly responsible for:

  • selecting a ski slope of adequate difficulty
  • ensuring that the organisation of lessons matches the actual operations on the ski slopes (for instance, avoid skiing in long lines   – “snakes”)
  • skiing and movement in the snow park is exclusively at own risk
  • the snow park is used  only for snowboarding and freestyle skiing, other activities are prohibited there
  • strict ban on relocation or other interference with  obstacles. This activity is exclusively the responsibility of the snow park manager
  • riders must not overestimate their capabilities and strengths and are obligated to observe personal safety and use a helmet, protectors and other protective equipment
  • persons under 15 years of age may use the park only under the supervision of a person who is at least 18 years old
  • the operator is not liable for accidents and injuries arising in the snow park
  • the visitors are obligated to keep order in the  park and its vicinity and their conduct must not endanger the safety of other participants
  • during  preparation of the park with a snow vehicle, it is prohibited to ski in the snow park
  • all visitors to the snow park are obligated to respect the instructions and regulations issued by the park manager
  • the snow park manager is authorised to expel anybody who breaks the rules of the snow park from the snow park
  • entrance to the  children’s playground  is permitted only on skis
  • entrance is possible only with a valid  ticket purchased at  the booking office
  • it is prohibited to enter the  children’s playground  with a snowboard
  • If  the children’s playground is  full,  the ski school has the right to close the park to the rest of the public
  • Follow the instructions of the operators or ski school instructors  on the  children’s playground, avoid any misconduct