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Kouty Ski Bus

The KOUTY SKI BUS is FREE for all interested parties

(Driver’s telephone number: 725 710 460)


The specially adapted 19-seat Kouty SKI BUS  runs daily during the main winter season until 14. 4. 2019

Transport from the Kouty nad Desnou Railway Station. The Kouty Ski Centre provides transport for  skiers to and from the  Kouty Train Station, which is about 500 metres from the Centre. We can provide you with transport on weekends, during the holidays as well as on business days.  The Ski Bus can also be boarded at the accommodation facility – prior agreement (order) is necessary – on the Velké Losiny – Kouty nad Desnou route.  The Ski bus runs up to the hotel or guest house only on cleared and passable roads, otherwise it stops on a cleared road near its destination.

From the railway station to Kouty    |  08:15  |  09:15  |  10:15  |

Departure from the Kouty Ski Centre  to the train station    |   14:30   |   15:30   |   16:30   |


(Don’t want to drive?  Book your seat in the bus to the Kouty Centre with CITY SKI!)


The Kouty Ski Centre and CITY SKI offer you comfortable transport to the mountains at a superb price. CITY SKI is the biggest provider of one-day ski trips in the Czech Republic and the journey by the CITY SKI bus is friendly to the environment as well as your wallet.


CITY SKI trips include entertainment, competitions, a dating service as well as other services that form the unique atmosphere of the skiing community. Each participant in the trip receives return transportation, an all-day ski pass, and a ski magazine in the price of the ticket. If you do not have a companion to the mountains or you want to share the costs and help the environment, the CITY SKI bus is the right choice for you. Moreover, perhaps your future skiing (or life) partner will be sitting right next to you on the bus.


The BUS + SKI PASS bundle costs 800 CZK. No additional discounts apply to this price.


The CITY SKI buses depart from Brno, Ostrava, Zlín always at 07:00 in the morning, unless specified otherwise. It is possible to embark on the bus in Olomouc at 08:00 in the morning. You get your one-day ski passes on the bus, meaning that you don’t need to wait in the queue at the booking offices and can go directly to the slope. The CITY SKI bus arrives at the ski slope at about 09:00 according to the road conditions.


The CITY SKI bus from Brno runs via Olomouc. From Ostrava it runs via Poruba and Opava. From Zlín it runs via Přerov. If you live along this route and you want to embark on the bus when it passes by, contact CITY SKI. Pavel Trčala, Owner of CITY SKI might accommodate your wish and “slow down” at your town.


CITY SKI has several trips to the Kouty Ski Centre during the ski season. You need not pay in advance for the trips, but you must book a place. The trip dates, bookings, photo gallery from the trips, skiing videos, ski dating and all further information about the CITY SKI service is available at: