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Dlouhé Stráně Excursion

A visit to the Dlouhé Stráně pumping storage power station has, for several years in a row, ranked among the first ten items of the hit parade of most frequently visited tourist destinations not only within the Jeseniky and Olomouc regions, but also in the Czech Republic as a whole.


We provide services from large-capacity free parking, through the new gastro centres with opt provide a menu for group tours to the six-person chair lift, which will take you closer to the upper reservoir circuit within eight minutes. The Kouty Ski Centre guarantees an experience which combines an educating excursion including a tour of the interior of the lower part of the power plant with a mountain gallery of the High Jeseníky massif in the area of the upper power plant reservoir area. The all-season rentals of in-line skates, bikes and scooters are then an additional added value – they offer an active experience in a mountain environment. The gallery of contemporary photographs and exposition of wooden statues in the romantic environment of the Kouty Forest are then yet another form of added value at this destination.

The Bowling Alleys, exterior seating on the terrace, refreshments at the upper reservoir  in the new “U medvěda” Bar  and shuttle mini-bus on the “Upper Chair Lift Station – Dlouhé Stráně Upper Reservoir” route are some of the innovations that Kouty has prepared for its visitors in this year’s season.

Detailed information about the organisation of visits and reservation is available at www.dlouhe-strane.cz, or daily from 08:00 to 16:00 at the telephone line 585 283 282.