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Kouty Forest

exposition of wooden statues and sculptures

that accompany you on the whole route from the lower parking area of the Kouty Ski Centre along one of the tributaries of the Divoká Desná to the ruler of the Jeseníky mountains – Praděd.


Mr. Pecháček – an author – created a natural museum of statues which showcase the traditional arts of this foothill region. You will see charcoal makers at their mounds, foresters, lumberjacks, workers at the forest railway and a shepherd. There is a bustle of forest elves, wicked women, old men, terrible devils and quaint forest ghosts. You can sit on a mushroom seat, in the witch’s cottage or on the devil’s tongue.A pleasant stroll through the Kouty fairy tale forest ending in grasslands with sheep will certainly exhilarate children and adults alike, and photographs from the encounter with this sensitively composed wooden exposition may be a nice memento of the holiday trip.